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The accidental social media presence

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A recent post from the insurance brains over at Celent addressed some of the latest features on the most popular social networks—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter—that are making it all but impossible for businesses to avoid getting involved in the new mediums.

The mantra of social media aficionados is that people are already talking about your business; if you choose not to get involved in the conversation, you lose your voice. And it’s true—all it takes it one angry client to sully your business’s name on the web to start a tidal wave.

So why not put to you ear to the ground? Listening is your first step to controlling your presence on the net, particularly in social media, and there are a number of different tools for this. See if you show up on Google’s Social Search. Monitor Twitter accounts of folks in the insurance industry (@IJournal and @RiskMgmt are two to start on). Set up Google alerts, the greatest gift to public relations from the search engine gods.

Stop making excuses and do your research. This type of “listening” is the key first step in developing your social media presence.


Written by melissa

April 30, 2010 at 3:51 pm

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