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Insurance agents are naturals at social media

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Inspired by this recent article from the Insurance Journal, I find myself asking the question, “Why do insurance agents seem so scared by social media and new networking technologies?”

Newer technologies can be intimidating, for sure. Understanding the value of Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Facebook takes some research and, frankly, some acclimation.

But agents need not fear dipping their toes into Web 2.0. You already have the most important skills necessary for success.

  • Agents are natural networkers. Social networks are no different from traditional, offline networks, just with easier access. Think of LinkedIn as your new business card exchange, Twitter as your quick update to an old colleague.
  • Agents earn trust. Insurance is a business that is based on trust, between agent and client. It’s the same story on the social web—users like to follow sources that they trust for useful information. Be honest, forthright and consistent in your messages.

Those in the industry need to experiment, test the waters and discover how to best make these tools work for them. It’s essential for doing business in today’s environment. Other smart people agree with me. And there are many examples of agents out there to emulate.

Check out Amy Bryan, founder of Bryan Insurance, New Windsor, N.Y., discussing her presence in the social media space with the Insurance Journal.


Written by melissa

April 28, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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  1. This applies to Insurance Agents or any other financial professionals. I would throw myself in the “other financial professional” category and I like to think that I’ve jumped head first into this stuff. It means a lot of asking Melissa questions, like what are trackback url’s, but you’ll never know how helpful it really is until you try it. Great post!!

    Nunzio Bruno

    April 29, 2010 at 9:33 am

  2. […] calling out to all insurance agents! Get with it! Use social media to your advantage or don’t use it at all. Social media is not a […]

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